using helm to install prometheus


# Install helm then run:
helm repo add coreos

helm dep update

helm install coreos/prometheus-operator –name prometheus-operator –namespace monitoring
helm install coreos/kube-prometheus –name kube-prometheus –namespace monitoring
How to contribute?
Fork the project
Make the changes in the helm charts
Bump the version in Chart.yaml for each modified chart
Update kube-prometheus/requirements.yaml file with the dependencies
Bump the kube-prometheus/Chart.yaml
Test locally
Push the changes
How to test?
# From top directory i.e. prometheus-operator
helm install helm/prometheus-operator –name prometheus-operator –namespace monitoring
mkdir -p helm/kube-prometheus/charts
helm package -d helm/kube-prometheus/charts helm/alertmanager helm/grafana helm/prometheus helm/exporter-kube-dns \
helm/exporter-kube-scheduler helm/exporter-kubelets helm/exporter-node helm/exporter-kube-controller-manager \
helm/exporter-kube-etcd helm/exporter-kube-state helm/exporter-coredns helm/exporter-kubernetes
helm install helm/kube-prometheus –name kube-prometheus –namespace monitoring

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