Show current state of Jenkins build on GitHub repo

By | October 4, 2017
  1. Go to GitHub, log in, go to SettingsPersonal access tokens, click on Generate new token.screenshot of GitHub settings
  2. Check repo:status (I’m not sure this is necessary, but I did it, and it worked for me).screenshot of GitHub token generation
  3. Generate the token, copy it.
  4. Make sure the GitHub user you’re going to use is a repository collaborator (for private repos) or is a member of a team with push and pull access (for organization repos) to the repositories you want to build.
  5. Go to your Jenkins server, log in.
  6. Manage Jenkins → Configure System
  7. Under GitHub Web Hook select Let Jenkins auto-manage hook URLs, then specify your GitHub username and the OAuth token you got in step 3.screenshot of Jenkins global settings
  8. Verify that it works with the Test Credential button. Save the settings.
  9. Find the Jenkins job and add Set build status on GitHub commit to the post-build stepsscreenshot of Jenkins job configuration

That’s it. Now do a test build and go to GitHub repository to see if it worked. Click on Branches in the main repository page to see build statuses.

sceenshot of the main page where you click on 'branches'

You should see green checkmarks:

screenshot of GitHub branches with build status

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