Neo4J install in linux

By | May 7, 2016


Linux Packages

After installation you may have to do some platform specific configuration and performance tuning. For that, refer to Section 24.4, “Performance Guide”.

Unix Console Application

  1. Download the latest release from

    • Select the appropriate tar.gz distribution for your platform.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive, using: tar -xf <filename>

    • Refer to the top-level extracted directory as: NEO4J_HOME
  3. Change directory to: $NEO4J_HOME

    • Run: ./bin/neo4j console
  4. Stop the server by typing Ctrl-C in the console.

Linux Service

The neo4j command can also be used with start, stop, restart or status instead of console. By using these actions, you can create a Neo4j service. See the neo4j man page for further details.

[Caution] CautionThis approach to running Neo4j as a service is deprecated. We strongly advise you to run Neo4j from a package where feasible.

You can build your own init.d script. See for instance the Linux Standard Base specification on system initialization, or one of the many samples and tutorials.

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