Monthly Archives: December 2022

Ubuntu – Ultimate PXE Server Setup – BIOS & UEFI Support

Overview  This guide will explain how to configure your dhcp/pxe/tftp server infrastructure to support BIOS and UEFI-based systems network installation.  This guide will mix PXELinux and grub technology.  This combination seems the one that provides the best results when there is a need to deploy operating systems on UEFI or BIOS based systems.   Because grub files are signed, this setup… Read More »

Setup IPv4 UEFI PXE Boot Server Ubuntu 20.04

Setup IPv4 UEFI PXE Boot Server Ubuntu 20.04 [cloud-init] In this tutorial I will share step by step instructions to setup IPv4 UEFI PXE Boot Server to perform automated install of Ubuntu 20.04 using cloud-init. Why not using kickstart to perform automated install in Ubuntu? If you are coming from Red Hat or CentOS background… Read More »