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Developing Alerts and Dashboards for Prometheus

Developing Alerts and Dashboards kube-prometheus ships with a set of default alerting rules and dashboards. At some point one might like to extend them. This document is intended to explain the workflow of how additional alerting rules and dashboards could be added. For both, the Prometheus alerting rules as well as the Grafana dashboards, there… Read More »

using helm to install prometheus

# Install helm then run: helm repo add coreos helm dep update helm install coreos/prometheus-operator –name prometheus-operator –namespace monitoring helm install coreos/kube-prometheus –name kube-prometheus –namespace monitoring How to contribute? Fork the project Make the changes in the helm charts Bump the version in Chart.yaml for each modified chart Update kube-prometheus/requirements.yaml file with the… Read More »

Get Kubernetes Cluster Metrics with Prometheus in 5 Minutes

Get Kubernetes Cluster Metrics with Prometheus in 5 Minutes Having a Kubernetes cluster up and running is pretty easy these days. But, when you start to use the cluster and deploy some applications you might expect some issues over time. Kubernetes being a distributed system is not easy to troubleshoot. You need a good monitoring… Read More »

Upgrading a HA Kubernetes Kops Cluster

The Kubernetes release cadence is fast-paced with minor releases every quarter. Awesome! But how do I keep up? Don’t worry, Kops makes it fairly easy to update your HA production cluster without any downtime (assuming you have scaled your deployments to a minimum of 2 pods per deployment). This blog post will walk you through… Read More »