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Kops Upgrading Kubernetes

Upgrading Kubernetes Upgrading Kubernetes is easy with kops. The cluster spec contains a KubernetesVersion, so you can simply edit it with kops edit, and apply the updated configuration to your cluster. The kops upgrade command also automates checking for and applying updates. It is recommended to run the latest version of Kops to ensure compatibility… Read More »

Upgrading a HA Kubernetes Kops Cluster

The Kubernetes release cadence is fast-paced with minor releases every quarter. Awesome! But how do I keep up? Don’t worry, Kops makes it fairly easy to update your HA production cluster without any downtime (assuming you have scaled your deployments to a minimum of 2 pods per deployment). This blog post will walk you through… Read More »

Kafka Connect Quick Start

Kafka Connect Quick Start Goal This quick start guide provides a hands-on look at how you can move data into and out of Kafka without writing a single line of code. It is helpful to review the concepts for Kafka Connect in tandem with running the steps in this guide to gain a deeper understanding.… Read More »

kops Etcd Volume Encryption

Etcd Volume Encryption You must configure etcd volume encryption before bringing up your cluster. You cannot add etcd volume encryption to an already running cluster. Encrypting Etcd Volumes Using the Default AWS KMS Key Edit your cluster to add encryptedVolume: true to each etcd volume: kops edit cluster ${CLUSTER_NAME} … etcdClusters: – etcdMembers: – instanceGroup:… Read More »