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How to use yum history to roll back an update in Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Centos 6 , 7

Environment Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 , 7 yum Issue How to roll back an update using yum in Red Hat Enterprise Linux-6, 7? How to use yum history? Information on best practice to enable easy backout of yum patching Resolution Note: Rollback of selinux, selinux-policy-*, kernel, glibc (dependencies of glibc such as gcc) packages to older version is not supported. Thus, downgrading a system to… Read More »

Let’s Træfɪk and Let’s Encrypt

What is Træfɪk ? Træfɪk is a reverse proxy and load-balancer designed for micro services (e.g. Containers). It is very simple, written in Go, and supports a lot backend types : Consul, Etcd, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc. It can also be backed by a classic static configuration file and a mix of the above to act as… Read More »