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How can I retrieve a snapshot if I don’t know the exact filename?

A. Nexus Provides a separate REST API to retrieve files when interpreting the maven-metadata.xml is required. The syntax looks like this: wget “” –content-disposition Where: r = the id of the repository or group to search (Required) g = the groupId of the file (Required) a = the artifactId of the file (Required) v = the version of the file,… Read More »

AWS Elasticache SSL connect

In order to connect to a SSL enabled Redis from cli you would need to first install stunnel: yum install stunnel then in the configuration file add: cat /etc/stunnel/redis-cli.conf fips = no setuid = root setgid = root pid = /var/run/ debug = 7 options = NO_SSLv2 options = NO_SSLv3 [redis-cli] client = yes accept… Read More »