Monthly Archives: December 2016

Linux Package Management

Many tutorials reference “package managers” and “package management tools.” If you are new to the Linux world and don’t understand the purpose of these technologies, or if you are familiar with one package management tool but want to learn how to use another, this guide will provide an introduction to the major package management tools.… Read More »

Search and Filter Text with grep

The grep utility provides users of most Unix-like operating systems with a tool to search and filter text using a common regular expression syntax. Indeed, grep is so ubiquitous that the verb “to grep” has emerged as a synonym for “to search.” grep is an ideal tool for finding all occurrences of a value in… Read More »

Linux Users and Groups

If you are new to Linux/Unix, then the concept of permissions may be confusing. This guide will provide you with an explanation of what permissions are, how they work, and how to manage them. A number of examples will be provided to illustrate how to set and change permissions for both users and groups. What… Read More »

Limiting Access with SFTP Jails on Debian and Ubuntu

As the system administrator for your Linode, you may want to give your users the ability to securely upload files to your server. The most common way to do this is to allow file transfers via SFTP, which uses SSH to provide encryption. This means you need to give your users SSH logins. But, by… Read More »

Hardening Your Web Server’s SSL Ciphers

There are many wordy articles on configuring your web server’s TLS ciphers. This is not one of them. Instead I will share a configuration which is both compatible enough for today’s needs and scores a straight “A” on Qualys’s SSL Server Test.   Rationale If you configure a web server’s TLS configuration, you have primarily… Read More »

Enforce SSL Security on Nginx

This tutorial shows you how to set up strong SSL security on the nginx webserver. We do this by updating OpenSSL to the latest version to mitigate attacks like Heartbleed, disabling SSL Compression and EXPORT ciphers to mitigate attacks like FREAK, CRIME and LogJAM, disabling SSLv3 and below because of vulnerabilities in the protocol and… Read More »