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AWS resize root partition on HVM (specially centos)

Here the step by step instructions 1. Launch another instance using same AMI to do work on in same AZ as instance with device we want to resize. 2. Shut down instance with device we want to resize 3. Detach device and attach to new instance. 4. sudo parted /dev/xvdf (run parted with the device….NOT… Read More »

How To Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL

How to Create a New User Let’s start by making a new user within the MySQL shell: CREATE USER ‘newuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’; Sadly, at this point newuser has no permissions to do anything with the databases. In fact, if newuser even tries to login (with the password, password), they will not be able to… Read More »

AWS convert root instance store to EBS backed root

recently needed to convert an AWS instance-store AMI to an EBS backed AMI. Here’s the steps I took in order to fix that. It’s a ext3 file system in this example, but it should work fine with an ext4 as well. Launch your instance-store AMI Create a new EBS in the same availability zone Attach… Read More »

OVH setup failover ips

Explanation You can configure your Virtual Machine in bridge mode. Some changes must be made on the VM to make a working network configuration. In blue are the file names to edit (with vi, nano, pico …) and the content. The configurations, the fields should be replaced, they will be in red. Requirements A dedicated… Read More »