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Nmon: Analyze and Monitor Linux System Performance

If you are looking for a very easy to use performance monitoring tool for Linux, I highly recommend to install and use the Nmon command-line utility. Nmon is a system’s administrator tuner, benchmark tool that can be used to display performance data about the followings: cpu memory network disks file systems nfs top processes resources… Read More »

Suricata – Network Intrusion Detection, Prevention and Security Monitoring System

Suricata Features IDS / IPS Suricata is a rule-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention engine that make use of externally developed rules sets to monitor network traffic, as well as able to handle multiple gigabyte traffic and gives email alerts to theSystem/Network administrators. Multi-threading Suricata provides speed and importance in network traffic determination. The engine is… Read More »

Linux Arpwatch

Installing Arpwatch in Linux By default, Arpwatch tool is not installed on any Linux distributions. We must install it manually using ‘yum‘ command on RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and ‘apt-get‘ on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian. # yum install arpwatch $ sudo apt-get install arpwatch Let’s focus on the some most important arpwatch files, the location… Read More »

Monitorix – System and Network Monitoring Tool for Linux

Monitorix Features System load average, active processes, per-processor kernel usage, global kernel usage and memory allocation. Monitors Disk drive temperatures and health. Filesystem usage and I/O activity of filesystems. Network traffic usage up to 10 network devices. System services including SSH, FTP, Vsftpd, ProFTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, POP3, VirusMail and Spam. MTA Mail statistics including… Read More »

linux IfTop (Bandwidth Monitoring)

IFTOP Pre-requisite libpcap : module provides a user-level network packet capture information and statistics. libncurses : is a API programming library that enables programmers to provide text-based interfaces in a terminal. Install libpcap and libncurses Installation of the libpcap and libncurses library with YUM command as shown below for error-free iftop installation. # yum -y… Read More »

monit install and setup

Step 1: Installing Monit By default, Monit tool is not available from the system base repositories, you need to add and enable third partyepel repository to install monit package under your RHEL/CentOS systems. Once you’ve added epel repository, install package by running the following yum command. For Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint user’s can easily install using apt-get… Read More »