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How To Install Node.js on an Ubuntu 14.04 server

Node.js is a Javascript platform for server-side programming that allows users to build network applications quickly. By leveraging Javascript on both the front-end and the back-end, development can be more consistent and be designed within the same system. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with Node.js on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.… Read More »

How To Install and Use Docker: Getting Started

The provided use cases are limitless and the need has always been there. Docker is here to offer you an efficient, speedy way to port applications across systems and machines. It is light and lean, allowing you to quickly contain applications and run them within their own secure environments (via Linux Containers: LXC). In this… Read More »

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Introduction Docker is a container-based software framework for automating deployment of applications. “Containers” are encapsulated, lightweight, and portable application modules. Pre-Flight Check As of June 2014 Docker has officially released v1.0.0. These instructions are intended for installing Docker. I’ll be working from a Liquid Web Core Managed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server, and I’ll be logged… Read More »

Ubuntu Install Java 8

Step 1: Install Java 8 (JDK 8) Open terminal and enter the following commands. sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update echo debconf shared/accepted-oracle-license-v1-1 select true | sudo debconf-set-selections echo debconf shared/accepted-oracle-license-v1-1 seen true | sudo debconf-set-selections sudo apt-get -y install oracle-java8-installer Setup JAVA Environment sudo apt-get -y install oracle-java8-set-default Step 2: Verify JAVA Version… Read More »

How To Set Up GUI On Amazon EC2 Ubuntu server

Amazon EC2 Linux servers does not come with GUI, all the operations have to be done using ssh client like putty. So if you wish to have a GUI for your amazon Linux instances, you can achieve it pretty easily. Once you installed the GUI essentials on your server, you can access it via windows remote desktop client.… Read More »


Hi, After a couple of days figuring how to get this setup working I was able to crack it, so I am sharing it with the world in case someone is in my situation. Step 1: I started with a minimum install of CentOS 6.5 64 bits, but it should work with other supported OSes… Read More »

start x11vnc at boot in ubuntu

x11vnc x11vnc is a VNC server that is not dependent on any one particular graphical environment. Also, it facilitates using in a minimal environment, as it has a tcl/tk based GUI. It can be started while your computer is still showing a login screen. It is helpful to ensure you have uninstalled any other VNC… Read More »