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How To Set Up ProFTPD on Ubuntu

  How To Set Up ProFTPD on Ubuntu 12.04 About ProFTP ProFTPD is a popular ftp server. Because it was written as a powerful and configurable program, it is not necessarily the lightest ftp server available for virtual servers. Warning: FTP is inherently insecure! Consider configuring ProFTPd to use SFTP, a secure alternative to FTP… Read More »

UNIX Socket FAQ – Please explain the TIME_WAIT state

Taken from the original FAQ. 6 Remember that TCP guarantees all data transmitted will be delivered, if at all possible. When you close a socket, the server goes into a TIME_WAIT state, just to be really really sure that all the data has gone through. When a socket is closed, both sides agree by sending… Read More »

The TIME-WAIT state in TCP and Its Effect on Busy Servers

Theodore Faber Joe Touch Wei Yue University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute 4676 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Phone: 310-822-1511 {faber,touch,wyue}   Abstract Hosts providing important network services such as HTTP and FTP incur a per-connection memory load from TCP that can adversely affect their connection rate and throughput. The memory requirement is… Read More »