Monthly Archives: December 2014

Linux Network Tuning

Linux distributions still ship with the assumption that they will be multi-user systems, meaning resource limits are set for a normal human doing day-to-day desktop work. For a high-performance system trying to serve thousands of concurrent network clients, these limits are far too low. If you have an online game or web app that’s pushing… Read More »

Tuning the Linux operating system for high traffic

This document describes some operating system tunable s you may wish to apply to a production Stingray Traffic Manager instance.  Note that the kernel tunable s only apply to Stingray Traffic Manager software installed on a customer-provided Linux instance; it does not apply to the Stingray Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance or Cloud instances.   Consider… Read More »

Sample logrotate configuration and troubleshooting

Applying knowledge In the previous article we talked about what logrotate does and how you can configure it. In this article we’ll apply this new knowledge to putting together a log rotation solution for a custom virtual host or two (or three, or four, etc.). We’ll also look at some options for testing and troubleshooting… Read More »

Understanding logrotate utility

What is logrotate? It may surprise you to learn that logrotate is a program used to rotate logs. It’s true! The system usually runs logrotate once a day, and when it runs it checks rules that can be customized on a per-directory or per-log basis. “Log rotation” refers to the practice of archiving an application’s… Read More »